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WebBusiness Insights: Strategies for Competing Online
               from and
                      Oct. 9, 2002

In this issue:

1. Web Services: Are They Ready for You?
2. Report: The Continuing Impact on Business of 9/11
3. Reload: Risky Business
4. Global Business: Hard Work Outperforms Collaborative Tech
5. Metrics: Testing Inside Out

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1. Web Services: Are They Ready for You?
Web services are being touted as the answer to everything
from cross-platform integration to dirty windows.
Are we asking too much?

** Darwin's "Essential Guide to Web Services" neatly lays
in the basics.

** And CIO's recent "Not Ready for Prime Time" checks out
where Web services are popping up.

2. Report: The Continuing Impact on Business of 9/11
Chuck Martin's research of business executives shows that
the repercussions of 9/11 are increasing.

3. Reload: Risky Business
Can the government keep gambling and the Internet separated

4. Global Business: Hard Work Outperforms Collaborative Tech
A case history of how advanced design technology proved no
match for good-old human know-how.

5. Metrics: Testing Inside Out
The vulnerability scanning and assessment market will thrive
as CIOs seek security help outside the organization.

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