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Class Content

  • Lesson 1: Creating HTML5 Content
    • Topic A: Develop Web Content to Follow Standards
    • Topic B: Update Legacy Web Content to Meet HTML5 Requirements
  • Lesson 2: Using Advanced Techniques to Select and Apply Styles
    • Topic A: Use Advanced CSS Selectors
    • Topic B: Provide Alternate Layouts Based On Device Characteristics
  • Lesson 3: Using Advanced Background and Border Techniques
    • Topic A: Use Advanced Techniques to Create Backgrounds
    • Topic B: Use Advanced Techniques to Create Borders
  • Lesson 4: Incorporating Advanced Text Formats
    • Topic A: Use Web Fonts
      Topic B: Apply Advanced Text Styles
  • Lesson 5: Adding Animation and Multimedia
    • Topic A: Use 2D Transforms
    • Topic B: Use Animation Styles
    • Topic C: Embed Audio and Video in a Web Page
  • Lesson 6: Making HTML Readable and Accessible
    • Topic A: Support Various Browsers
    • Topic B: Improve Markup to Benefit Human and Machine Readers


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