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Local Installation

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor

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    File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

    Setting Up / Learning Setting Up  Instructions

    Block Editor

    "Gutenberg posts aren’t designed to be edited by hand; they aren’t designed to be edited as HTML documents because Gutenberg posts aren’t HTML in essence."
    Key Concepts | Block Editor Handbook | WordPress Developer Resources Online Resources

    The WordPress Codex
    The Codex is the encyclopedia of all things WordPress. It is the most comprehensive source of information for WordPress available.
    The WordPress Blog
    This is where you’ll find the latest updates and news related to WordPress. Recent WordPress news appears in your administrative dashboard by default.
    WordPress Planet
    The WordPress Planet is a news aggregator that brings together posts from WordPress blogs around the web.
    WordPress Support Forums
    If you’ve looked everywhere and still can’t find an answer, the support forums are very active and have a large community ready to help. To help them help you be sure to use a descriptive thread title and describe your question in as much detail as possible.
    WordPress IRC Channel
    There is an online chat channel that is used for discussion among people who use WordPress and occasionally support topics. The above wiki page should point you in the right direction. ( #wordpress)
    Code Reference WordPress Developer Resources
    Want to know what's going on inside WordPress? Search the Code Reference for more information about WordPress' functions, classes, methods, and hooks.
    Theme Directory
    Official directory for themes on
    Plugin Directory
    Official directory for plugins on

    Accessibility (A11y)

    Assistive Technology of Alaska (ATLA)

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